What does the term millwork really mean? If a picture’s worth a thousand words, these photos are worth a million. In this office space, old-world style meets new-world technology; millwork, crafted by any person or team, simply cannot exceed the quality seen on display here. And it was designed and crafted with a singular purpose: to bring the jaws of onlookers to the floor.

Corporate Interiors (millwork) are one of our specialties. To showcase our capabilities, our team pulled out all the stops in this office space. The office was designed, from soup to nuts, by BlueHive sister-company, Continental Woodcraft and their Engineering department. And although the space was designed by Continental Woodcraft’s CAD Engineers, Hivers (BlueHive Group employees) from all parts of the BlueHive Group collaborated when brainstorming about the space prior to its design. At the head of those brainstorming sessions was BlueHive Group President & CEO, Paul Hanlon, for whom the office space was built.

When describing the initial meeting and purpose for the office’s construction, John Lasell, Continental Woodcraft Engineering Manager, had this to say:

“You know, they take people on these tours [of the BlueHive Group headquarters] and they can show people exhibits, you can show what Paris [Marketing] does, but you’d never really see what we [Continental Woodcraft] do. So, this is what he [Paul Hanlon] wanted: When people see it [the office] he wanted them to be taken back by it.”

And, while looking at the finished product, the team’s success is undeniable: this office space is stunning.

The space was designed by Hivers, but design wasn’t the only element of their involvement; nearly all components of the office were manufactured, assembled, and installed in-house by the Continental Woodcraft and BlueHive teams. Raw materials were shaped and formed with care by the diligent and hard-working hands of our cabinet-builders, who called upon their collective experience of over a century when creating the space. Our two CNC machines were programed and run by technicians who were able to make magic in many areas of the office. The most notable contribution of the CNC machines and their operators can be seen in the Hanlon family crest which sits on the wall behind the desk.

Paul Hanlon’s reasoning behind creating the incredible space?

“Our [the BlueHive Group’s] culture fosters the belief that if we can’t do it for ourselves, how can we do it for our clients?”

And the ability to create jaw-dropping spaces is reaffirmed at first glance when looking into this new office.

When a client, business partner, or notable figure enters your office space, wouldn’t you want their jaw to hit the floor too? If so, talk to us.

See more of the completed office.