Understanding how to support and fulfill a trade show program with a constant state of evolution to maintain a healthy program


Since 2007, BlueHive has worked with Cynosure to support their annual trade show program, some years with more involvement than others. As an aesthetic laser medical device manufacturer, Cynosure was a leading seller in their market until the landscape became more competitive, and so has needed an exhibit partner with demonstrated understanding and success in exhibiting different product lines for different shows, all with their own brand standards, and with design configurations that would comply with both brand-level and product-level regulations. Moreover, Cynosure wanted to secure a long-term exhibit partner who would help the company to design a more robust trade show program each year as well as support other event marketing needs.


As their trusted partner for over a decade, we have serviced Cynosure and fulfilled their trade show and event needs however they have asked. Our dedicated account team, which has collectively managed hundreds of Cynosure shows and events over the years, acts as an extension of their internal teams by maintaining a deep understanding of the evolving medical device industry and its rules and regulations for shows and venues as well as Cynosure’s business and product lines, to advocate on their behalf. Our designers work closely with their creative teams to accommodate functional needs like meeting spaces, and to make sure the determined message strategy is always reflected in the design for a cohesive brand experience on the event floor.

During times of reduced budgets, the BlueHive team retooled Cynosure’s exhibit program to a rental-based solution that would deliver value and raise the bar on their event presence without raising costs. Our vast inventory of rental components allows our designers and fabricators to create myriad design options that can also incorporate any existing or owned inventory, as well as to build in new components that can be added to the inventory as the year progresses. During these times especially, Cynosure benefited not only from the reduction in storage and pull/prep costs, but also from increased flexibility for easily changing the look and theme of their exhibit from one show to the next.

Over the years, we have created several custom properties for Cynosure, but more importantly, we helped them get the most from their properties by utilizing assets in multiple configurations, from the smallest booth of 10’ x 10’ to their largest of 50’ x 60’. We accomplished this by leveraging and refurbishing existing elements and integrating our rental elements to meet the need as booth sizes grew and shrank, incorporating technology and AV content to heighten the attendee experience and tell the brand story flavored by themes of the local area.

And, as a BlueHive client with an international trade show program, our teams have managed all services for Cynosure across their North American footprint, working with their Canadian partner, and have been involved with many of the client’s global efforts in South America and in Europe.

The BlueHive team hosts quarterly meetings with Cynosure to monitor current plans and make recommendations based on market trends and corporate strategy. An annual meeting is also planned each year with key Cynosure stakeholders to review their inventory and purge unneeded assets to reduce storage expenses.


Over a decade of servicing Cynosure has allowed us to build a uniquely intimate knowledge of the brand and its products, people, culture, and message. This knowledge translates to flawless execution and savings through the elimination of needless mistakes. Because of our dedication and pursuit of excellence, we have created a strong and tremendous working relationship that continues to evolve with the changing market landscape. Our efforts have helped Cynosure grow from a $100MM company to becoming part of a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise: In 2017, Cynosure was acquired by Hologic®.

BlueHive has built a one-of-a-kind program for Cynosure based on flexibility, cost efficiency, and increased options. Regardless of what shows Cynosure decides to attend or the footprint of their exhibit, we’re able to fulfill their needs and help them succeed on the show floor.

And our work with Cynosure has grown past exhibit design and build. Besides partnering with them on both their domestic and international trade show programs, we support them with graphics and portable architecture, have completed internal facility work including permanent installs, office graphics, 3D letters, and other lobby design work, and have helped Cynosure put on private events. These workshops, often live hands-on product demos for doctors, are a major profit driver for Cynosure and are crucial to their sales process. We have designed and built the visual and 3D aids to help carry their story and message into these events, from staging to displays, AV, and graphics.

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