Developing an immersive, cutting-edge experience built into an existing booth design


Eurofins, a transplant diagnostics company, wanted an interactive engagement for their booth for ATC 2022. It needed to be a cutting-edge immersive experience that would both educate and inform their target physician audience as well as promote the brand’s message focused on the importance of approaching patient care from an empathetic mindset. And, it needed to be built into their existing booth design as well as be as touch-free as possible.

The success of this interactive component would be reported via the daily active user count and the content reviewed.


Our design and digital media teams collaborated to create what would essentially be a contained unit and experience that could easily be added onto the exhibit build as well as broken down and reconfigured for future use in various size booths. We designed a tunnel structure that attendees would walk through and engage with interactive digital media to create an individual-based exclusive experience that could host multiple people at once while providing allure and interest to attendees walking the show floor.

Within the tunnel were three touchless screen stations with a camera mounted to the top of the monitor programmed to track certain data. The program we developed utilized several cutting-edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition to capture face movements that would power the navigation of the narrative. The attendee’s face would be scanned to estimate their age, gender and “mood.” Then, via an HD web camera, the attendee would move an on-screen icon to start the experience simply by moving their head. We used the facial recognition data to present the attendee with a patient story that matched their age range and gender to help them be more emotionally receptive to the testimonial.

The interactive experience allowed the attendee to physically walk through the tunnel and simultaneously get a first-hand mental walk-through of a transplant patient’s life, prior to and after the transplantation occurred. And the development behind this experience was to ensure the attendee had two key takeaways: the data and information on transplantation and Eurofins products and services, and an emotional provocation that would cause the attendees to rethink their mental approach to transplantation and embrace empathetic care in their practices.

Monitors on the outside of the tunnel played livestreamed content of the experience to attract attendees from the aisle, piquing their interest without showing the full experience to entice them to come in and see for themselves what was happening in the tunnel.

QR codes for each attendee that stepped up to the content station were generated during the experience and displayed on screen. The attendee could scan the code, save it to their phone and return to the experience where they left off.


Due to changing COVID regulations, modifications to the experience had to be made once the show mandated all attendees needed to wear masks. We augmented the facial recognition and head tracking components with added touchscreen displays, to ensure the attendee had a seamless experience in front of the entire interaction while still providing an experience that was “cutting edge.”

The data collected reported a total of 152 attendees participated across the four-day show, with one third the total in the first day, and with each attendee successfully interacting with their matched case study.  The case studies covered three disease state areas: rejection, immunosuppression, and infectious disease; the numbers for which case studies were watched are as follows:

  • Case Study 1 (Rejection) = 19
  • Case Study 2 (Immunosuppression) = 16
  • Case Study 3 (Rejection) = 42
  • Case Study 4 (Rejection) = 26
  • Case Study 5 (Infectious Disease) = 49
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