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Five Key Pointers for Exhibit Staff

Whether you are attending your first trade show, or are a seasoned veteran of the show floor, these top tips can help steer your experience towards even greater success. 

1. Educate, Entertain and Reward! Attendees are there for value. Provide them with a clear understanding of what you do, deliver a memorable experience, and offer a giveaway that reminds them of your brand.

2. Smile! Attract attendees with a friendly demeanor. 48 percent of people state that a smile is what matters most in making a first impression.


3. Know Your Brand! You are going to be asked all manner of questions about your company and your product. Make sure you are up-to-speed on the latest.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes! You will be on your feet all day, make sure they are treated well. Top Tip. NEVER sit down, it reflects badly.

5. Know the Rules! Every exhibit hall and association has certain rules and regulations about what you can and cannot do. Make sure your actions don’t come back to bite you!

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Trending Technologies that will Benefit Your Trade Show Performance

Exhibitors are like gardeners, and the plants to which they tend are the partnerships created in the halls holding the event. For exhibitors to maximize the crop of commerce they hope to cultivate, utilizing trending technologies in booth design and incorporating them into their marketing strategy is essential. Below are three great technological tools that can help benefit your next tradeshow outing.

1. Phone Charging Stations
There are certain items we don’t dare leave the house without. Wallets, car keys, coffee perhaps, and my number one essential, the cell phone.  This is a necessary tool in the businessperson’s arsenal but, such a valuable tool is rendered useless without a charged battery. How thankful and fortunate a person would feel if they found a station where they could recharge their battery! To whom would they show their appreciation? Who else but the representatives of the company working the booth of course! It’s not surprising to see that phone charging stations are on the rise in the tradeshow business. Charging stations are a sure way to attract attendees to your booth!

Charging stations are a sure way to attract attendees to your booth!

2. Mobile Apps
Walking into a tradeshow, you are immersed in a sea of booths and representatives of the many companies present. But since time is of the essence at a tradeshow, how will attendees find you? The more time your client has to spend looking for you, the less time you have to share conversation and create the foundation of a prosperous business relationship. Apps can send messages to smart devices of nearby users alerting attendants that your booth is nearby, and since smart devices are ever-present in the hands of most individuals, what better way to assure you are found by your clients than to send a notification directly to their phone?

People are always on their phones! Make sure your message reaches them.

3. Wearables
If you have been to a tradeshow, you surely will have noticed the number of people with lanyards around their necks, a name tag hanging at its bottom. Tech companies have been developing new and creative accessories that accompany those nametags, allowing users to transfer data with ease, thus streamlining the lead generation process.

One product on the frontier of wearable data transfer devices is Poken. Poken is a compact device that attaches to your nametag and, by simply touching two Poken devices together, users exchange virtual business cards. Taking it one step further, an exhibitor is able to share more detailed digital information with attendants by use of the Poken Touchpoint, a small stationary device that can be placed in your booth.

Lanyards and cell phones are learning how to communicate.

Another wearable data-transfer device is the RFID chip and can be used to track consumers behaviors. The information garnered by the chip will allow you to recognize and analyze patterns in your target market, granting insight into consumer trends and enabling you to develop a marketing strategy that caters to your clients.

Written by Eric Troy

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5 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew about Trade Shows

1. Attending a tradeshow is not the same as utilizing it.
Having a display at a tradeshow alone may land your business a few leads but, to have the successful outing you desire, simply being there isn't enough. You've got to entice potential prospects and those who pass by your booth. Consider your trade show exhibit's design and the experience your soon-to-be clients will have while there. Create something that people can't help but be interested in! 

2. Create a lasting impression.
As soon as a potential buyer leaves your booth you run the risk that they might forget it ever existed. It is therefore essential to create an experience that makes a lasting impression. Know how to ask the right questions, gather crucial information in your conversations, and plan for future contact. Having promotional items that represent your brand is a great way to remind those potential buyers of your services and their experience with you!

Provide your visitors with promotional items so they can remember your brand even after the show is over.

3. Never start with a sales pitch.
"But I'm at the trade show to sell!!!" I know, I know, give us a second here. Your ultimate objective while at the trade show is to generate new sources of revenue for your business. But the fastest way to deter these new sources is by starting with a lengthy sales pitch. Don't make your audience feel forced into listening. If they appear interested , talk to them and create a comfortable atmosphere between yourselves before turning the conversation to the side of business.


Create a comfortable environment for your visitors before starting to sell.


4. Trade shows are expensive... but they are an investment well worth making!
Consider all your company has invested to present itself at the show. Costs from the booth to the shipping, the time of the employees representing your company, workers who set-up the exhibit, internet access... the list goes on. But ask yourself, "where else could you gain the exposure you can at a tradeshow?" Your brand will be seen by thousands of people looking for just the right company to help them achieve their goals. Being at a tradeshow offers you a perfect opportunity to develop new contacts and clientele. There's no place to generate leads on new business like a tradeshow!

Your brand will be seen by hundreds, maybe thousands, of people in real time.

5. Enjoy yourself!
It is always important to present yourself in a professional manner... but this doesn't mean your booth can't be a fun and energizing place! Create a game that showcases your brand and presents your products to the audience in a way they will enjoy! Give them something to remember. When you have fun you create a more enjoyable experience for your prospective clients... and what better start could a new business relationship have than one initiated with a smile?

Written by Eric Troy