Trade show programs are big investments for companies and they come with an element of risk. Be sure you choose the right partner to work with by asking these key questions before pulling the trigger. 

Who will you be working with?

Companies will often have a “pitch team” which handles initial dealings with new clients. When a client’s business has been assured and work begins, often a separate account manager will take over instead of the familiar face you came to trust in your initial dealings. Don’t get left without a friend.

There’s nothing better than working with friendly faces!

Does the exhibit company design and build their exhibits in-house? And, are graphics designed and produced in-house?

As at BlueHive, if all designing and production work is done in house, quality screening is under the manufacturer’s control every step of the way. This allows for production guarantees across the entire process, as well as an opportunity to save money but cutting-out white labeled vendor costs.

Do they provide onsite representatives at the show?

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s never guaranteed. Knowing the company you partner with will be supervising setup and teardown services ensures quality assembly and disassembly through familiarity with the product.

Ensure you use an exhibit house that provides on-the-road support.

Do they provide turn-key show services?

Turn key show services include booking and ordering of freight, labor, onsite services, rigging of banners, electrical and a/v needs. These components are integral to a successful show and need to be included in your planning.

What warehousing and storage services do they offer?

After the trade show, your booth will  be disassembled and stored until your next outing. Depending on your outing locations, remote warehouses can save your budget being eaten-up by shipping costs. Make sure you don’t pay for the mistakes of an ill-prepared exhibit house.

Ensure you use an exhibit house that provides on-the-road support.