custom trade show booth design build

Cynosure and BlueHive Exhibits have grown together and continue to break new ground. The partnership debuted with a 20×50 exhibit at AAD 2007, eventually growing into a 50×50 space at AAD 2016. This booth had the task of introducing a game-changing product technology named SculpSure to the laser aesthetic market. The booth was designed to focus attention on the central area where the new product was mounted on a lit, elevated stage and surrounded by a creative fabric structure. The result was significant footfall to the exhibit and high levels of attendee engagement with the SculpSure technology.

In November 2016, Clarks Shoes approached us with a concept for a retail store that they would debut in the form of a trade show exhibit. Targeting the AGENDA Show in January, the British footwear firm would connect with younger buyers by highlighting their Originals line. But with only four weeks until the show, it was all hands on deck to pull the myriad themes together.

Our design team customized a 20×30 space to resemble the proposed retail outlet including solid walnut displays, store furniture, and simulated concrete and cinder block walls. Not only was the show a success, but Clarks decided to proceed with the project and BlueHive Exhibits went on to develop the fixtures for the first retail store at UBIQ in Philadelphia.

Trade show Clarks Footwear booth design
Open-concept 50×50 island exhibit tension fabric sign and a central two-story structure

The show was AA0 2017. Eye Care Leaders wanted to use the event to promote recent strategic acquisitions that included Integrity, iMedicWare, Medflow, KeyMedical, IO Practiceware, and EyeDoc. The task for BlueHive Exhibits: bring it all together while the maintaining the Eye Care Leaders brand, an industry leader in ophthalmology-specific EHR and practice management systems.

Together with the team from Eye Care Leaders, we developed an open-concept 50×50 island exhibit that utilized a large ECL tension fabric sign and a central two-story structure to draw attention to the space. This distinctively branded architecture incorporated a first-floor, enclosed board room and two highly visible second floor conference rooms. The perimeter of this busy exhibit featured ten product demonstration workstations, a centralized information area, and a large 90” monitor for featured product case studies.