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BlueHive originally added marketing capabilities to our roster of in-house services because we saw the need to provide our exhibit clients with messaging and branding consistency for their trade show programs. But beyond event marketing support, we work with our clients and their creative agency teams to support any marketing or advertising need they may have, from product launches that turn heads, to buzzworthy social media artwork and campaigns, to omni-channel marketing strategies and advertising execution.

Create Your Edge

A division of BlueHive Exhibits, Trigon Creative was grown from the seed of an idea and cultivated as the complement to BlueHive’s existing end-to-end branding and marketing solutions. Located in our Worcester, MA facility, this in-house marketing team applies their strategic and creative minds to help brands stand out and share messaging and branded experiences (both physical and virtual) that fit with their story and their audience.

Everything Trigon does starts with a simple philosophy—realizing their EDGE. (And helping their clients to do the same for their brand.) How does this philosophy translate into Trigon’s approach working with exhibit and event clients? They put their digital and experiential marketing know-how to work, helping clients to Energize their brand, define their business Dreams and actualize those into marketing Goals—all while upholding Ethics to preserve the integrity of the brand.

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Marketing Services we Specialize In

  • Event Lead Generation & Data Collection/Retrieval
  • Brand Development & Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Design & Visual Content
  • Copywriting & Content Development
  • Large-Scale Print Advertising (Banners & Signage)
  • Email Marketing, Paid Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Website SEO & SEM
  • Marketing Metrics & Analytics
  • Marketing Analysis & Strategy

Customize Your Event Experience

For exhibit and event support, the in-house marketing team is well-versed in creating out-of-the-box experiential concepts to help our clients drive more engagement between attendees and booth staff. We create custom, branded experiences that not only drive memorable impact and the exhibit design itself, but that can help with lead generation and data collection. And we make sure these experiences and messages align with our clients’ pre-planned campaigns for the event that are developed by their marketing and agency teams, for one seamless effect.

If your needs (or your budget) warrant a simpler experiential marketing component built into your exhibit or event, we can easily accommodate that, too. Whether it’s for a trade show or a private event, every tangible brand experience you provide to your prospects and consumers should be as engaging as it is relevant. And when it comes to concepting, developing and executing an interactive activity, you want to work with a team who understands the nuanced level of strategy and creativity it takes to attract your consumers and keep them engaged beyond just grabbing a branded freebie.

BlueHive offers a variety of in-booth or otherwise event engagement options that can be added on to any booth or exhibit, from simple raffles and photo-ops to fully customizable packages of swag and activities. We understand that every experience offered by your brand should be an opportunity to learn more about your customers, their pain points, and how your product or service can better improve their lives. It’s for this reason that our approach to booth engagement ideas is one of strategy first, incorporating customer feedback and data gathering methods into a unified experience that’s on-brand and unique to you. Whether it’s a contest or scavenger hunt, in-booth game, podcasting or a virtual reality station, we work to develop experiences and activities that drive results for you and that entertain your booth attendees, even after the event has transpired. And with our digital marketing know-how, we can also help you to promote your activation and create hype, pre-event.

Ready to collaborate on innovative ideas that will maximize your booth impact and capture attendees’ attention?

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