Permanent Installations

When it comes to designing permanent installations like demo rooms, training centers or showrooms, you should think in terms of vignettes and theatrical sets. These kinds of projects are often a collection of actual demo equipment itself, but also an opportunity for you to incorporate branded elements like a glowing 3D sign, wall graphics and other design assets that allow you to create a unique, branded space within your facility.

It takes strategic thinking to develop the right design for your audience and goals. Should you create a vignette to visually place the product in its natural setting? Should you place the product on a pedestal and make it a star? Is this showroom going to be used for demonstrating new products to just clients, or to also educate and train customers and employees? We start by helping you to define the needs for your permanent install, so we can streamline your entire process from design, fabrication, shipment and installation.

Exhibiting Know-How, Applied

Our exhibit definition for the word vignette is to take a product and try to place it in an environment that helps to sell it. Whether it’s mimicking a lab, recreating a research facility or expanding on a product demo center, our expertise in building complete event environments is applied to helping you create an area that emulates the real-life settings of your products and services.

We can help you build out the full demo environment in real life, or provide creative solutions for showroom designs that need to incorporate elements too large to fabricate or include, like employing custom-designed wall graphics or integrated AV or AR. And no matter what, we always consider messaging, signage and graphics to support your efforts, as well as how your branding and identity fits in best.

Our experienced staff comprise a robust mix of 2D/3D design teams, graphic production artists, fabricators with electrical and mechanical engineering skills and a group of Certified Journeyman carpenters, cabinet makers, metal workers, painters, finishers and installers. With such a team leading the charge, there is no permanent install vision we can’t turn into reality. From state-of-the-art CAD-driven CNC routers and high-resolution inkjet printers, to cold process laminators, we have the resources you need, in-house, for architectural millwork, structural fabrication and graphic, vinyl and fabric production.

We’ve designed and built permanent installations such as:

  • Typical demo room, on a much larger scale with accent lighting that can be controlled, featuring touchscreens for individual stations and a centralized computer for group settings
  • Permanent installation with products laid out, and built-in demo areas for sales reps to sit with a prospect and review all the products in a real-life, tangible setting
  • NOC (Network Operations Center) incorporating augmented reality tools and individual-use tablets to cover a breadth of information, particularly data that’s hard to display easily or more information than can be contained in the environment
  • Playful environment illustrating the brand’s personality as well as creating a showroom space to demonstrate products with stand-off graphics and vignettes in the walls
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