Rental Exhibits

Your customers want to be immersed in your brand from the moment they step off the aisle and into your booth. And you want a trade show partner that can deliver without taking a huge bite out of your budget. In short: you need a rental exhibit solution for your trade show program.

But we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter rental booth. The exhibits we design from our rental inventory can be modular to fit a range of booth sizes for an entire trade show program, domestic or international. With our in-house capabilities and key AV partnerships, they can be easily reskinned with custom graphics or video visuals for an efficient and inexpensive solution to change messaging and look from show to show. And, each of the rental properties we have available also include the option to create new, customized solutions out of inventory properties.

If you’re looking to capitalize on a one-time cost solution without ownership commitment that affords you the flexibility of exhibiting at various events with different looks and aesthetics, then consider going with a rental booth for your next show.

Rental Exhibits as Unique as a Beehive

Our robust inventory of rental components, from an endless variety of structure panels, cabinets and podiums, to tower configurations with storage capability, double deck options and multiple hanging banner frames, allow for cost-savings and a truly custom look for any rental booth we design and fabricate. And while our experienced account services team works to ensure the goals you set are sound in rental exhibit strategy, our full-service creative department collaborates on innovative ideas and execution to bring your brand to life within your budget. All with one-touch servicing from concept to shipment, in-house.

Rethink the Way You Rental

BlueHive’s beeONE complete rental solution is a turnkey rental exhibit program for domestic trade shows that packages booth design and production, graphics, logistics, labor and show management services into one cost. Our beeONE product is also advantageous for the flexibility it allows if budget or show circumstances change (like drayage costs or shifts to virtual).

Ask us about the advantages of beeONE.

International Implications

Our rental inventory is stored in such a way that all components are available across our national and international facilities, to help save on shipping as well as to streamline exhibit building. Thanks to strategic partnerships in South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, we’re able to run leaner, and your brand can get the attention of audiences almost anywhere on the planet.

Regardless of our clients’ industry, service, or product, our expertise and approach to creating an inspiring international trade show program stays the same:

  1. Strategize. We carry out an in-depth strategy analysis, conduct research and set goals to maximize your event program’s success.
  2. Design. Using information gathered in the first step, we create exhibit concepts designed to cater to the desires and needs of show attendees while maintaining your brand’s character on the show floor.
  3. Build. With more than fifty years of complex design experience, nothing is impossible. And our build process is no different. Our design team works seamlessly with our international production teams to create the exhibit space certain to capture the attention of attendees.
  4. Succeed. Show management services including reconciliation of budget and strategy coincide with results-oriented planning for your next international event.

BlueHive’s International Exhibiting Facts & Figures

  • Over 300 International Exhibits Annually
  • 50+ Years of International Experience
  • Teams of 200+ Professionals in Key Areas
  • Full-Service, One-Stop Shop Exhibit House (3D & Graphic Design, Project Management, & Production.)
  • Lean Manufacturing Paired with Robust Storage Capacity

Turnkey Show Management & Services

Whether it’s in the design and fabrication phases, the shipping and installation phases or even during the show itself; our proactive collaboration and extensive experience in the trade show industry allows us to provide proven solutions to address the needs of our clients’ international and domestic trade show programs. Our turnkey show management approach to every rental exhibit we provide combines shipping, labor and logistics coordination with show service order fulfillment and detail-oriented warehouse storage, all in-house and all managed by our seasoned account professionals. And, as part of our complementary post-show analysis of the exhibit’s performance, we note any changes that need to happen for future shows and apply any scalable changes immediately.

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