Virtual Events

We’ve been event space designers and builders for decades, and our creative capabilities have provided our clients with the edge they need to succeed in the virtual space. Backed by our team of expert digital marketers and web developers, we build complete virtual event environments just like we do physical exhibits; from the ground, up. And we put our content and design expertise to work helping our clients to determine how best to share their information, based on understanding and helping them to define their goals for their virtual space.

We like to think of ourselves as platform builders, not platform providers—our focus is on building virtual event spaces that feel as real as possible and can recreate moments for impactful engagement. We offer true control of your virtual space with 100% customization including look-and-feel and any technology tools you want (and need) to achieve your goals.

What’s more, we don’t have an “If you build it, they’ll come” attitude. As digital experts, our marketing team gets that getting attendees to visit your virtual booth or event space means you need a thoughtful and impactful pre- and post-event marketing campaign. We can consult with you on how to create a marketing plan and execute the advertising deliverables to help you reach more of your target audience, create pre-event hype, and drive higher quantity and quality attendance.

Virtual Applications


Trade show gone virtual? You’ll still need a digital replacement to connect with customers, build relationships with prospects and launch products to drive sales. Invest in a tool that can be used to enhance your presence in your show’s virtual floor. One that can be linked to your virtual show exhibitor page and allow you to track visitor engagement, guarantee limited access to proprietary information and provide opportunities for live demonstrations and presentations, video networking and one-on-one video meetings (free-flow or pre-scheduled).


Thinking to postpone your private event so attendees don’t miss out on experiences? Think again! There’s no need to cut out activities when the only virtual part of your event is the venue you host it in. Everything else you have planned, from keynote speakers to workshops, networking and group activities, even facility tours and product demonstrations, can still happen through your virtual event space. VIPs can still be given higher levels of access, and sponsors can still be represented and incorporated into the event agenda as originally planned. What’s more, there’s no cap to how many guests you want to invite.


Today’s sales conversations often start in the digital world before moving to a physical meeting. There’s no need to wait to pursue those in-person demo and sales appointments if you have an dedicated digital space to continue the conversation. This engagement tool should not be mistaken for an interactive digital brochure, either. More than just providing additional information to move your prospects down the purchase funnel, you need a tool that can help you strategically nurture the relationships you’re building. And you want to be able to lift the curtain to share details of your process, your team and your facility without worrying that anyone can get behind-the-scenes access.


Company training sessions are often held in-person because of the intrinsic value created by face-to-face bonding opportunities (think about that old trust fall exercise!). Group learning and collaboration, however, are not confined to the physical world, so why should the venue? Keep your agenda of presentations, activities and demos intact; reinforce the information you share through quizzes or take-home materials, and most importantly, track the progress and content consumption of your audience, in real-time. Best yet, you’ll instill confidence in your internal teams or your external stakeholders and customers with a tool they can refer to and repeatedly engage with at any time.

One Thing to Add…

Even if your conference or event is happening live, in-person, you’re selling yourself short if you’re only offering a physical space for people to interact with you. That’s because your customers have been getting used to interacting with brands online and some of them may decide this is a better option for them for attending events going forward. With today’s video and streaming technology, we can integrate virtual stations into your physical exhibit or event environment, whether that means broadcasting to a virtual audience or staffing your space with remote employees for in-person guests to meet. And because we’re building your physical event, rest assured that your virtual space look-and-feel will be cohesive.

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