BlueHive’s in-house capabilities mean one-touch service from design to build, allowing for fluid communication and application at every point in the process. Executing more than 1,000 events annually, brands can benefit from a bold creative force that embraces—and influences—the entire show experience.

Custom Exhibits

Custom designs mean unlimited creative solutions. BlueHive works closely with companies in developing strategic trade show objectives and brand-driven designs, allowing you to capitalize on expense by owning the booth for perpetuity. Our goal? To represent your identity in a way that resonates long after the show has closed.

Rental Exhibits

Brands that are launching a new look, repositioning themselves in the marketplace, or only attend a few shows a year will work well with BlueHive‘s award-winning rental inventory. Our budget-conscious rental program helps stretch your marketing dollars, while offering brand-focused solutions that look like a custom design.