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Showcase Your Brand Across the World!

Reach customers at trade shows around the globe with our International Exhibiting expertise.

When exhibiting internationally, working with an exhibit partner you trust is a must. Our track-record of award-winning trade show programs gives event planning staff peace of mind. They can rest-assured knowing that we’ll help get them the attention they deserve in the exhibit hall, no matter where the show might be.

Thanks to strategic partnerships in several key areas, we’re able to run leaner, and your brand is able to get the attention of audiences almost anywhere on the planet, including:

  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • The Middle East

Our International Exhibiting Approach

Regardless of our clients’ industry, service, or product, our approach to creating an inspiring international exhibit program stays the same:

  • Step One- Think: We carry out an in-depth strategy analysis, conduct research, and set goals to maximize your event program’s success.
  • Step Two- Design: Using information gathered in step one, we create exhibit concepts designed to cater to the desires and needs of show attendees while maintaining your brand’s character on the show floor.
  • Step Three- Build: With more than fifty years of complex design experience, nothing is impossible. And our build process is no different. Our design team works seamlessly with production to create the exhibit space certain to capture the attention of attendees.
  • Step Four- Success: Isn’t that how all great things should conclude?

              BlueHive’s International Exhibiting Facts & Figures

  • Over 300 International Exhibits Annually
  • 50+ Years of International Experience
  • 80+ Employees
  • Full-Service, One-Stop Shop Exhibit House (3-D & Graphic Design, Project Management, & Production.)

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