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Virtual Events

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Connecting to new people matters. Learning together matters. So, what happens when you can’t meet face-to-face with your target audience? You pivot your event strategy into the virtual space.

There is no single definition of a virtual trade show or event. Just as no two exhibits are the same, a virtual booth is an answer to a complex set of questions. And it starts with content.

Essentially, a physical trade show or conference is a collection of demos, presentations, videos, pamphlets, and other shareable content. Building an online space (like a microsite) to house all of this information not only removes the limitations of the real world (like floorspace), it provides a unique, virtual environment that allows for your content to be consumed in a clear, non-linear way.

We’ll help you figure out and pull together a list of what you want your remote attendees to experience. Then, we’ll build a customized website that funnels your content into that experiential virtual customer journey and that will emulate those opportunities for communication and connection found in the heart of face-to-face events. We’ll show you how to create an engaging and memorable experience online, just as you would on the show floor.