Standing desks have been gaining popularity in the workplace in recent years but what could motivate so many people to give up that nice cushy office chair? Below are five benefits of standing desks that have motivated many to make the transition from sitting to standing in the office.

1.Reduced back pain and improved posture

It’s all too easy to slouch in the comfort of our office chairs, but this improper posture can inflict a multitude of harmful effects on the body. Back pain is distracting and can be distressing. It detracts from our ability to focus on the task at hand. When properly adjusted, standing desks minimize the opportunity for slouching that is ever-present while occupying an office chair. This can greatly reduce back and neck pain for standing desk users.


2. Increased energy throughout the day

Who isn’t looking for ways to increase their energy levels in the workplace? In a study called the “Take-a-Stand Project“, workers using standing desks reported a decrease in fatigue when compared to those using conventional sitting position desks. The increased energy levels reported by standing desk users returned to normal levels upon return to a sitting position. Don’t let the participants of this study be the only beneficiaries, save the money on that break-time coffee and give a standing desk a try!


3. Improved mood

Studies have shown that sedentary time is directly linked to anxiety and depression. Keeping active, in itself, improves our mental state. This alongside the benefits of reducing back pain and higher energy levels surely give standing desk users a reason to smile.

4. Increased calorie burning

When we keep our bodies in a sitting position, they burn fewer calories. A standing desk can keep our bodies active and although the amount of calories burned can vary between individuals, it is proven that active bodies burn more calories than those which are sedentary.

5. Increased productivity

A concern some have with standing desks is that they will detract from a worker’s focus on the task at hand. On the contrary, with improved mood, reduced back-pain, and higher energy levels, focusing on the task at hand becomes much easier. Reducing bodily distractions allow workers to perform at the best of their ability and has a good chance of increasing workplace productivity.


By Eric Troy