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Meet Caitlyn.

As the third generation of a professional trade show family, Caitlyn Correia has been in the industry all her life. Caitlyn was first exposed to the exhibit industry at age four when her father started bringing her to work at the family-owned business and continued to learn about and work in the family company during summer vacations as she grew. After graduating from Endicott College with a BS in Sports Management and an MBA, Caitlyn recognized her passions for working with people and brands and for bringing conceptual ideas and design to life with tangible experiences and event settings, and officially joined the BlueHive Group in a professional manner. During her years at BlueHive, Caitlyn has held a position in almost every department of the company; from the shop where exhibits and event structures are built, to accounting, account management and client services, and marketing. These roles submerged her in the day-to-day operations of the trade show world and the marketing industry, readying her for her current role as President of BlueHive Group and affiliate brand BlueHive Exhibits.

As President, Caitlyn oversees the daily operations of the entire BlueHive Group organization and affiliate brands. Along with the CEO, it’s her responsibility to ensure BlueHive Group is following its mission, policies, and procedures, keeping BlueHive relevant, competitive, corporately responsible and financially responsible, as well as supporting innovation and growth in BlueHive Group services and capabilities. Caitlyn is renowned for her keen attention to detail, flexibility to work with different aspects of the company and exceptional interpersonal skills. Her infectious smile is a mainstay of the Hive.

Caitlyn Correia


Caitlyn Correia

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