Exhibitors are like gardeners, and the plants to which they tend are the partnerships created in the halls holding the event. For exhibitors to maximize the crop of commerce they hope to cultivate, utilizing trending technologies in booth design and incorporating them into their marketing strategy is essential. Below are three great technological tools that can help benefit your next tradeshow outing.

1. Phone Charging Stations
There are certain items we don’t dare leave the house without. Wallets, car keys, coffee perhaps, and my number one essential, the cell phone.  This is a necessary tool in the businessperson’s arsenal but, such a valuable tool is rendered useless without a charged battery. How thankful and fortunate a person would feel if they found a station where they could recharge their battery! To whom would they show their appreciation? Who else but the representatives of the company working the booth of course! It’s not surprising to see that phone charging stations are on the rise in the tradeshow business. Charging stations are a sure way to attract attendees to your booth!

Charging stations are a sure way to attract attendees to your booth!

2. Mobile Apps
Walking into a tradeshow, you are immersed in a sea of booths and representatives of the many companies present. But since time is of the essence at a tradeshow, how will attendees find you? The more time your client has to spend looking for you, the less time you have to share conversation and create the foundation of a prosperous business relationship. Apps can send messages to smart devices of nearby users alerting attendants that your booth is nearby, and since smart devices are ever-present in the hands of most individuals, what better way to assure you are found by your clients than to send a notification directly to their phone?

People are always on their phones! Make sure your message reaches them.

3. Wearables
If you have been to a tradeshow, you surely will have noticed the number of people with lanyards around their necks, a name tag hanging at its bottom. Tech companies have been developing new and creative accessories that accompany those nametags, allowing users to transfer data with ease, thus streamlining the lead generation process.

One product on the frontier of wearable data transfer devices is Poken. Poken is a compact device that attaches to your nametag and, by simply touching two Poken devices together, users exchange virtual business cards. Taking it one step further, an exhibitor is able to share more detailed digital information with attendants by use of the Poken Touchpoint, a small stationary device that can be placed in your booth.

Lanyards and cell phones are learning how to communicate.

Another wearable data-transfer device is the RFID chip and can be used to track consumers behaviors. The information garnered by the chip will allow you to recognize and analyze patterns in your target market, granting insight into consumer trends and enabling you to develop a marketing strategy that caters to your clients.

Written by Eric Troy