Bio-Techne: A Brand Metaphor Unleashed

Bio-Techne, a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality reagents, analytical instruments, and precision diagnostics, were experiencing rapid growth among their variety of brands. With a catalog of over 500,000 products, it was essential for their new 20’ x 50’ exhibit design to integrate several of these brands under the Bio-Techne name without losing each brand’s individual equity within the overall identity. Another challenge was the need to feature their specific workflow solutions for each vertical market through an integrated system allowing for scalability and graphic flexibility throughout their exhibit program.

Given Bio-Techne’s commitment to advancing life science research and technology through the resources and products they provide, BlueHive’s solution for the exhibit design took on an abstract approach. A coil structure became a visual metaphor for progress among scientific innovation. It ties Bio-Techne’s diverse expertise and combined strengths of its products together in one unique structure. Each element works together as a whole under the Bio-Techne identity representing the individual instrument brands.

The coil structure, created with fabric prints and LED color accents, works perfectly for maintaining brand consistency, scalability, and impact when reconfigured at various size footprints throughout their tradeshow program.

A physical laboratory and billboard-style LED matrix display provided the capability to showcase large over-arching messaging as well as targeted support visuals for each individual product display. Digital representations of Bio-Techne’s products added versatility and scalability for use beyond the tradeshow in the way of marketing, education, sales, and social media. Working together with Bio-Techne’s internal teams, BlueHive developed a user experience to highlight their individual brands and workflows in a unique, large-format VirtualLab touch screen interactive experience.

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