We Are A Creative Powerhouse

We help brands create engaging environments and experiences for their customers. Our breadth of services in trade show, private events, permanent installations, brand experiences, and marketing covers almost every customer touchpoint you’ll likely need. You could call us a one-stop-shop for capitalizing on consistency and maximizing messaging. But we’re known as a creative powerhouse.

Custom Exhibits

Custom booth designs mean unlimited creative solutions. BlueHive works closely with companies in developing strategic trade show objectives and brand-driven exhibit experiences, allowing you to capitalize on expense by owning the booth for perpetuity. Our goal? To represent your identity in a way that resonates long after the show has closed.

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Rental Exhibits

Brands that are exhibiting internationally, repositioning themselves in the marketplace, or only attend a few shows a year will find everything they need for an impactful booth with BlueHive‘s robust rental inventory. Our budget-conscious rental program helps stretch your marketing dollars, while offering brand-focused solutions that look like a custom design.

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Permanent Installations

Sometimes, it makes the most sense to showcase your products and provide an opportunity for hands-on demonstrations in a permanent setting. After all, what you can bring to the show floor depends on factors like booth space, product size, and technological availabilities. Our expertise in exhibit design and fabrication makes us the perfect partner for creating a custom-branded installation for your office or facility, like a showroom or training center.

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Mobile & Pop-Up Events

If your customers can’t get to your private event or the show you’re exhibiting at, then take the show to them with a mobile event. Better yet, surprise them with an exclusive, limited time pop-up experience they can’t help but share on social. Our mobile and pop-up event capabilities can help you bring complex demos right to your customer’s doorstep, creatively launch new products, or just drive brand awareness and memorability.

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Private Events

A successful private event is the transformation of your corporate identity into a branded experience that guests won’t soon forget. Our extensive inventory of rental elements allows for configurations and features to suit every possibility. Whether your event has 100 or 10,000 guests, each project will be handled with the same passion that sets BlueHive apart.

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Corporate Interiors

Architectural design doesn’t only belong on the trade show floor. Our in-house capabilities for quality millwork, graphics, and signage are key for brands that want to enhance their locale with a custom interior design that shares their story. From retail stores to corporate offices, public halls and venues to restaurants and schools, we’ve helped companies make sure to impress from the moment someone steps in their door.

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Virtual Events

Connecting to new people matters. Learning together matters. So, what happens when you can’t meet face-to-face with your target audience? You pivot your event strategy into the virtual space. For us, there is no single definition of a virtual event or experience. Just as no two exhibits are the same, a virtual space is an answer to a complex set of questions. And it starts with your main message.

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Marketing & Experiential

Our in-house marketing team applies their strategic and creative minds to help brands stand out from the advertising noise and truly home in on messaging and branded experiences (both physical and virtual) that resonate with their audience. From traditional advertising to digital marketing, and event activations, we work hand-in-hand with our clients and their creative agency teams to support their marketing goals and drive actionable insights.

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I&D Labor

Over the decades, our team of trade show and events experts have witnessed some of the challenges that undoubtably arise during an I&D task and that can get in the way of delivering a quality show floor experience from start to finish. Our solution? Form our own team of reputable, trustworthy, and experienced project managers to lead the installation and dismantling of exhibits and event environments.

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