BlueHive Exhibits: Stepping Up at ExhibitorLIVE 2024

Leveraging digital content to engage the senses on the show floor.

As an exhibit house creating show-stopping exhibits, corporate private events, and custom-branded office environments, BlueHive is a centralized resource for marketers. Our creative solutions and environments allow audiences to learn about and fully experience our clients’ brand differentiation. Our primary goal is to always help clients connect with their customers in the most memorable way possible.

That is exactly what we set out to achieve with our booth at ExhibitorLIVE 2024 in Nashville, TN.


Through an open and inviting space we needed to communicate to attendees who BlueHive is and how our services and capabilities can help them achieve their goals. Specifically, we wanted to leverage our in-house digital content creation to draw people in to learn about our many in-house service offerings. In addition, we also needed a way to track and demonstrate which services potential clients need help with the most to start conversations about how we can best serve them.


The solution came in the form of creating a curiosity-provoking “portal” that sits on top of a ladder with an opening in the base.

Attendees were encouraged to step up and explore “inside the hive”. While inside, viewers were treated to a custom molecular animation with narration, all completely developed in-house. The animation guided the viewer through the many service elements available through BlueHive, while asking to choose the one area they were currently struggling with in their event marketing.

This experience secluded the attendee from the rest of the show floor buzz, transporting them into a digital world of honey at a molecular level with a voice over walking them through the story. Reflective laminate surrounding the interior of the space created a kaleidoscope effect magnifying the color and movement from the digital display, along with many acrylic BlueHive logo bee icons hanging from the ceiling.

Upon exiting the portal, attendees would locate a ping-pong ball on the side of the ladder corresponding to the color molecule representing the service they needed. Then following a bee-line over to the reception counter they would deposit in a corresponding silo creating a live, constantly evolving chart throughout the show allowing trade show marketers to see what their peers were also struggling with. This gave the BlueHive team an automatic cue to what an attendees challenge is, creating an immediate conversation starter.

This experiential journey allowed BlueHive to touch multiple senses of: sight, sound, touch, and taste, which reinforce the memorability of their time in the BlueHive environment.

As a memorable give-away item, each visitor who interacted with the honey portal was also presented a test tube filled with multi-colored honey sticks representing the different service touch-point elements shown in the digital experience.


The open, inviting, and colorful space with walk-up reception counter area allowed for relaxed, natural engagement in conversations between staff and attendees.
From a distance, the theme and space were defined by a large hexagonal shaped overhead fabric sign drawing you into the LED tower backdrop.

The animated, digital content shown on the 11-foot-tall LED screen was created in-house and took the viewer on a pictorial journey inside BlueHive’s end-to-end process from initial client contact to our work and services to the execution of our Lime I&D labor team.

The exhibit was well received and attracted hundreds of attendees to learn more about BlueHive’s services and tell us how they needed help to step up their trade show marketing efforts.

In fact, the first day of the show saw 100 attendees step up to the honey portal, a 75% increase from the previous year in 2023. For the branded test tubes, over 150 were handed out to anyone who interacted with the honey portal experience.

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