Making a huge splash at a trade show without the capital expense or commitment to owned assets.


A BlueHive client for the last decade, LogMeIn turned to us as their trusted trade show partner to help them make a strong comeback to the show floor, post-pandemic. The secure remote software provider had not exhibited at a show in 18 months and wanted to return to live events by making a huge splash with a brand relaunch. However, LogMeIn also needed to be cognizant of their expenditures and were not sure they wanted to commit to the long-term cost ramifications of a custom-built exhibit. 


With our intimate knowledge of the brand and the company, we were able to help LogMeIn reinvigorate their brand and reboot their exhibit program with a one-of-a-kind exhibit built from rental components and creative ingenuity. The 30’x40’ island exhibit debuted at Channel Partners, one of the world’s largest information and communications technology conferences, where LogMeIn was a known player and held considerable brand equity among exhibitors and attendees. 

The design concept brought to life LogMeIn’s brand story: the power of their technology in enabling the work-from-anywhere mindset and ability. The booth showcased several larger-than-life vignettes to envelop visitors in example environments, like a bar in London or Buenos Aires, a home office and a typical office setting. LED video tiles were used to create large, uniquely shaped canvases for video content across the booth. This was doubly advantageous for creating an atypical and therefore highly eye-catching visual as well as being less costly to build. The video content did include some core messaging, but the truly seamless LED environments were mostly used to augment the atmosphere of the vignettes to fully immerse visitors in the LogMeIn story. This provided a secondary advantage; there was so little messaging that when it did appear on-screen, it was difficult not to pay attention to it. There was even hospitality offered at the bar—cocktails on opening night, and coffee in the morning—which helped to increase foot traffic while also keeping the work-from-anywhere story alive as visitors could envision themselves using LogMeIn’s products in real-life settings.

There were separate demo stations in small, understated areas throughout the exhibit, so that sales reps could engage prospects on a one-to-one, one-to-two and one-to-three level, and there were plenty of open spaces for casual conversation. The space performed as it was designed; the focus was about attracting attention and generating foot traffic more than being sales-driven. 

To build this custom rental exhibit, we collaborated with valued partners on everything from AV to trust and lighting, to shipping and labor logistics (our affiliate partner, Lime, handled the I&D logistics). We expertly managed the entire process, ensuring every detail was well coordinated to fit the tight, 12-week schedule from initial concept to ship date. 



This exhibit took home the award for “Best Design” as nominated by the show association (scores generated by impartial exhibitors and conference attendees). The LogMeIn team was so impressed with their results that they plan to use this structure twice more in their trade show program.

Had LogMeIn gone the custom-build route for this exhibit, they would have had to manage massive upfront and long-term capital expenses. Because they took our recommendation to instead build from rental components, they were able to easily commit to the one-time expenditure of this exhibit as well as reap cost savings benefits for future reuse. Its printed graphics and LED tile makeup mean the booth can be easily reskinned for different environments and messaging. And, since the entire exhibit was built from rental assets, LogMeIn also has the flexibility to go in a different direction for future needs should they choose to.

We have worked with Chris, Amanda, and the BlueHive group for nearly ten years, and could easily call them one of our top trusted partners. They are a true extension of our team and instrumental to executing a successful calendar for third-party events. We have found the BlueHive team to be creative, innovative, excellent project managers (so communicative and not to mention flexible with inevitable last-minute changes!), and proper experts in their industry. Between successfully managing deadlines & logistics for our dozen of tradeshows as well as producing the custom booth properties at each show, BlueHive delivers a peace of mind that is unparallel. I would highly recommend their services. 

Kelsey Campbell
CMP, Senior Global Events Manager, Operations Lead, LogMeIn
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