Corporate Interiors

We know how to accurately and creatively showcase a brand on the event floor, so why would it be any different for an office or corporate facility? Our trade show clients often ask us to realize their vision for a branded corporate space because we understand and work so closely with their brand and identity in other physical realms.

From full furniture and architectural builds to custom graphics and interior signage, we can provide servicing across consultation and design, to fabrication and installment for your corporate interior.

Breathing Life into Your Workplace

Whether it’s for your employees or your customers, walking into your place of business should feel like a multisensory brand experience. Even subtle touches like company mantras sprawling down hallways or custom designs on conference room privacy glass present opportunities to bring your brand to life for the every day. It not only impacts memorability. Having a custom branded facility creates an immersive world for your company to thrive in.

We’ve provided custom office designs for companies small and large. We’ve outfitted retail stores and building floors with interior signage and graphics. We’ve designed and built branded furnishings for entryways, reception lobbies and meeting spaces.

We’re Experienced in Aesthetics Like…

  • Video Mapping
  • Custom Materials
  • Water Features
  • Pneumatic Capabilities
  • 3D Sculpture/Models
  • Glass/Acrylic
  • Painting, Large-Scale Prints & Graphics
  • Cabinet Making
  • Solid Surfaces
  • Pattern Making & Materials Forming
  • Digital Enhancements

A Solid Partner

The Hive is also home to our affiliate partner, Continental Woodcraft. From outfitting swanky so-ho apartments and residences among New York’s touted Billionaire’s Row, to enhancing eclectic bars and taprooms, adding a touch of sophistication to 4-star restaurants, augmenting major musical venues and reinvigorating government buildings, Continental Woodcraft has been producing some of the region’s finest quality artisanal architectural millwork since 1981.

Continental’s team of certified Journeymen and skilled woodworkers work together with BlueHive’s experienced exhibit builders, painters and graphic producers to fulfill a range of custom branded facility needs. And with a dedicated 60,000+ sq. ft. space within the BlueHive manufacturing and finishing facility, featuring state-of-the-art CNC routers and millwork equipment, our in-house capabilities for corporate interior design and fabrication knows no bounds.

We can even take on specialty millwork projects that require sustainably sourced lumber. Continental Woodcraft is certified by SCS Global Services to the prestigious FSC® certification standards and can work with architects and organizations such as hospitals, schools and libraries that require FSC-certified products.

No matter what corporate branding project you have in mind, turn to BlueHive for your custom facility needs.

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